Spider mum like flowers.Yellow flower closeup of garden shrub

Yellow garden flower with long stranded stem from the shrubby garden plant. It's a seasonal flowering plant. Flowers are very similar to spider mum flowers. The flowers always stands tall from the leaves of the garden shrub and is very attractive when blooms in groups. The flower grows up from between the leaves as a long stranded hollow stem and blooms out with numerous strand like petals. There are red purple like color variants of these flowers. Its one of the garden plants among which there is no stems at all and only leaves. A stem like part is only the one grows up with the very flower bud. yellow flower,shrub like garden plant flower,similar to sunflower,seasonal garden plant flowers,garden plant without stems,tropical flowering plant
Flower photos from pixelshots photoblog on Kerala travel and tourism photos and info.


Sree said...

Aha ..i got the same flower with me too.
I named it sunburst, given the resemblance to the sunflower.

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