Cactus ball in garden pot.Cute succulent plants of home gardens

Cute ball shaped Garden Cactus photos from kerala gardens. Small potted garden succulents of cactus. An interesting variety of cactus to be grown in garden pots among the gardening lovers. Apart from the small ball shaped cactii stem the entire plant body is covered with small spines. The top of this peculiar water retaining garden plant is noticeable with the absence of cactus spines which are sen immensely around the cactus stem. Seems the cactii is of flowering type. Cactus like these turns to be a perfect ornamental plant to be kept in garden pots in window shades and all. Ofcourse a garden ornamental which needs lesser watering due to the water retaining capacity of those fleshy stems.
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Seems no offence in saying "Bald Headed Cactus"
Wonder how he lost his hair in such an younger age, use of drugs??

The full post on these garden cactus plants with more cactii photos is in this garden plant post. Courtesey pixelshots photo blog, travel photo blog on Kerala / India.


magiceye said...

they look real nice. we have them at home.

Rajesh said...

Beautiful ornamental cacti.

My Jupiter World said...

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uk's flowering plants said...

ball with spikes?, hmm interesting shape i have ever seen in an ornamental cacti. do you know the growing up time of this plant, i meant how long will it take to become big enough to be left all on its own. do these cactus plants have flowers?

pramod said...

very informative. great pic.

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